Thursday, April 19, 2012

Boost Security with Event Security Wristbands

If you want to give the next event you host or organize a real security boost, event security wristbands are the way to go. Event security wristbands with bar codes come in a variety of styles and offer nume
rous benefits:
  •   Improve operational efficiencies, while preventing data entry and collection errors with VIP® Band bar code wristband
  •  Unlike bar code ID cards and badges, PDC® event security wristbands are non-transferable.
  • Scanband® direct thermal wristbands offer point of sale printing with your direct thermal printer. Bar code capable for concessions or other debit systems.
  • TicketBand™ and SureImage® Adhesive feature pre-printed, bar codes for use with your bar code software system.

By bar coding event security wristbands, you can track the number of people who attend your event and where they spend their money. If you have inventory that you need to keep track of, such as food and alcohol, event security wristbands can help. When a transaction is made, the bar code on the guest's event security wristband is scanned along with the items purchased. The numbers go directly into your system preventing data entry errors.
You can easily make your event cashlesswith the use of event security wristbands. Custom printed bar codes can becreated for each guest, associatedwith their own credit card, and then entered into your data system. Every time your guests make a purchase, there is no cash exchanged, no credit card transaction. Instead, just two quick scans—one of the purchased items and one of the barcode on your guest's wrist. In addition to increasing employee efficiency and profits, these cashless transactions can add efficiency to operations, data tracking and analysis.
Event security wristbands with bar codes also prevent counterfeits. There was a time when party crashing was easy. People could sneak their pals into an event without purchasing an additional ticketby passing off and essentially reusing one ticket. When wristbands came into the picture, people did the same thing by just slipping a wristband off their wrist and passing it off to a friend to get them into the event. Another counterfeiting strategy was to go to a party store and purchase cheap Custom Wristbands to wear in an attempt to sneak in to an event. Using PDC's event security wristbands puts a quick stop to all of these ideas!
PDC's event security wristbandsare completely non-transferable. They feature a locking snap that makes them impossible to remove without a pair ofscissors. For even tighter security, it isn't a bad idea to have your event greeters put the wrist bands on your guests for them when they arrive. Doing so prevents guests from adjusting the size and making it too big to where they could slip it off easily to pass around.
For yet another layer of security, you can custom print event security wristbands. Why not multi-task? While heightening crowd control, imprint custom logos, taglines, promotions or dates tosimultaneouslypromote your business, sponsors and charities. Event security wristbands can essentially be a walking advertisement. When the night is over, it's most likely guests will continue to wear their wristband for a day or two—maybe even a week or two. Having a fun tagline or an eye-catching logo imprinted on a wristband is a sure-fire way to create intrigue amongst friends and acquaintances of your guests.
You may even considering imprinting either a website address, QR code or both onto event Security Wristbands. In this day of social media, it’s a great way to get people to "like" your business on Facebook and gainTwitter followers. You could even tie in a promotion. Perhaps the QR code could be an invitation to your next event: "Bring a friend, get in free!" Or, scanning the code might take your guest to a website to get an exclusive discount on their next store purchase. Imprinting QR codesengages your guests and encourages them to take action.
If you work with a sponsor—get them to imprint their logo or their own special promotion onto your event security wristbands—you may just cover the cost of the wristbands. In fact, you could even make a profit. It's like selling highly targeted advertising space—well worth the investment for any sponsor.
Event security wristbands are an economical way to boost security. By customizing your ID wristbands, you can also boost branding. Make the most out of your event and give your guests the time of their life!

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