Thursday, December 8, 2011

Precision Dynamics’ New Child Safety Wristbands Help Venues Provide Peace of Mind to Parents

San Fernando, CA (Date) -- In an initiative to improve child safety and provide parents with peace of mind, Precision Dynamics Corporation has introduced new Child Safety Wristbands into their line of crowd control products. These wristbands come with pre-printed lines on which a child’s name, emergency contact number, parent or guardian name etc. can be written in permanent marker. In the case that a child is separated from his/her parent or group, he/she can approach a public authority. The public authority figure can then read the child’s information from his/her wristband and take appropriate action. For an extra measure of safety, the wristband can also be flipped inside out so that the child’s information is only exposed when the child approaches or is found by an authority figure. In addition, PDC also offers a field trip band with a preprinted line for school contact information, to be used specifically by schools, childcares, camps etc.

Precision Dynamics Child Safety Wristbands provide an inexpensive and simple way to improve the safety of children in public places. These wristbands are ideal for the use with even the most active of childrenas they are secure, durable, water resistant, and one-size-fits all.

Facilities such as museums, skating rinks, zoos, theme parks, amphitheatres, etc. can purchase Event Wristbands to hand out or sell to parents or groups as a way to improve the safety of the children within their venue. By offeringchild safety wristbands at a facility, it’s likely to attract more familieswith children because they have taken an extra measure of precaution to keep children safe.

Camps, childcares, schools, parents and other groups can also buy these wristbands. They can hand them out to their children when going on different outings. This will help both staff and parents to feel more comfortable when taking their children out in crowded public places.

Precision Dynamics offers the choice of custom printing for these bands as well. This gives facilities the option to put their logo, school name and/or specific colors onto the band. Putting a logo, school name, and/or specific colors onto the wristband further improves child safety because it makes it easier for a parent, guardian or staff member to spot a missing child. The bands can also be custom printed with serial numbers, to help keep track of how many children have been given a band.

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