Monday, December 12, 2011

Top 3 Ways to Boost your Marketing Efforts: Wristbands & Other Tips

With the economy straining businesses, marketing budgets are invariably compromised. Needless to say, marketing is quintessential; being absent from the market is not an option for many businesses.  Barring the traditional marketing and advertising mediums, there are several ways to make your presence felt. What’s more, they have been detailed below to fit your budget (no matter how small).
One budget efficient way to advertise, although often overlooked, is through yard signs. Traditionally used by politicians, landscapers and auto repair shops, yard signs are becoming more and more popular. With households seeking alternative sources of income, yard signs have become a good alternative to hugely expensive billboards. These signs are particularly useful for targeting your consumers concentrated in and around a specific zip code. Yard signs also offer a variety of sizes to choose from. The general rule is that larger signs are placed where cars speed faster and smaller signs in lower speed limit areas.
Wristbands are yet another effective and creative marketing option. Traditionally used for crowd control and security at events, many companies often overlook the fact that they can also be used for promotional efforts. As wristbands are a necessity at many priority events, consider customizing the wristbands by adding a company logo and website address. Something as simple as that can have a lasting effect. Many times, people keep wristbands as souvenirs or may be interested in visiting the website printed on the wristband. Go one step further and engage potential clients by printing coupon codes on the wristbands. This is a great way to see how effective your marketing strategy is, as purchases on the website made with that specific coupon code can be easily tracked. Spending a couple extra cents per wristband to have a message printed on them can lead to a pretty substantial increase in sales.
The internet is another great tool for marketing. While owning and operating a website is not always inexpensive, push your online efforts further with some free options. Start a blog and have employees post on it. That’s a free and easy way to brand your company and become a thought leader in your respective industry. Additionally, write articles and submit them to online hosting sites. Many times, these articles will get picked up by other news sites and blogs, a great way to get free PR. Lastly, utilize social media. If you’re company is an appropriate fit for a Facebook or Twitter account, sign up for these free services. Social media is a great way to reach your target market, get a feel for how your products/services are viewed, and advertise events with Customized Wristbands.
These small marketing techniques will give your brand more mileage at a low cost and can be quite effective. Continue branding your company, without worrying about the big monetary cuts being made to your marketing budget.

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