Thursday, June 14, 2012

Promote Your Message with Wristbands

The most effective form of advertising is word of mouth advertising. If a friend or family member shares their excitement about a product, service or charity, chances are you will put a lot of weight on their testimonial. An effective way to trigger conversation about a product, service or charity is custom wristbands. Available in a wide variety of styles and vibrant colors, custom wristbands can be imprinted with eye-catching logos, designs and taglines that are sure-fire conversation starters.
There are many excuses for distributing Custom Wristbands:
·         Charity events
·         Concerts
·         Giveaways at trade shows, car washes, and other promotional activities
·         Pub crawls
·         Golf tournaments
·         Raffles
·         Festivals, carnivals and fairs
Actually, the list is endless.
By imprinting logos, unique designs or clever taglines on custom wristbands, they becomewalking, talking mini billboards and sure-fire eye catchers that providea unique way to heighten brand awareness and build customer loyalty. When people have a good experience at an event or while participating in an activity where they receive a custom wristband to wear,they will want to hang onto the fun memory for a while. People tend to wear their custom wristbands for days, weeks—event months—after a fun event is over. That’s when the word of mouth advertising begins.

In addition to imprinting logos, designs and taglines onto custom wristbands you can also imprint custom coupons. Not only will you promote your message, but you will get people to take action. Some coupon suggestions include imprinting something like, “get 15% off product X with this wristband” or “show us your wristband and get $25 off when you spend $100.”

You can also round up sponsors to buy advertising space and imprint their own logo, tagline or coupon. Doing so will help you cover the costs of the custom wristband. In fact, you might even make a profit! If there’s enough room to imprint more than one promotion or coupon,why not find two or three sponsors?Let's say you are hosting a post-game night celebration for local, young athletes. You could get a local sporting goods store to sponsor the event and purchase advertising space on the custom wristbands. Along with their logo, a coupon could be imprinted, such as, “show us your wristband, get 20% off purchase.” It’s an excellent opportunity for companies to reach a highly targeted audience.

Quick response (QR) codes are another effective way to get people to take action. QR codes are those little two-dimensional barcodes that seem to be popping up all over the place these days. Anyone who has a Smart phone can just take a photo of the codes, which will lead them to a wide variety of information, offers, and freebies for on-the-go access. Usually these offers are exclusive. QR codes imprinted on custom Tyvek Wristbands can be used to offer almost anything from opting in to newsletters to get exclusive discounts to buy-one-get-one-free lunch offers. If you’re attending a conference, QR codes can keep you updated on the seminar schedule. If you’re at a night club, you can access a theplaylist. 

Whether you imprint a QR code or website address, custom wristbands can be a catalyst for social media activity. You can boost “likes” on Facebook and round up hoards of followers on Twitter by inviting people to do so. As an added incentive, you can hold online contests. Maybe take people to a web page that explains that the first 50 people to post/tag photos of the event will receive a 10% off coupon at Business X. Or, if this is for a charity, have people post their story about how the cause has affected their life. Each person who posts a brief story gets a $10 donation made to the charity in their name. If you’re hosting an event, hold a contest for check-ins. Every hour have a prize drawing. Each person who checks in to the event on Facebook gets their name entered into the drawing. 

Custom wristbands provide a world of possibilities for promoting organizations and events. By simply imprinting a logo, design or tagline to imprinting QR codes or website URLs, custom wristbands trigger conversation. Nothing beats a positive recommendation from a dear friend or loved one.  

Not only do custom wristbands encourage the most effective form of advertising—word-of-mouth—but also, custom wristbands are a minimal expense. If you are able to get sponsors to purchase wristband advertising space, you will likely come out ahead. Custom wristbands are certainly an easy, affordable and effective promotional tool! If you have more information Visit Here .

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