Friday, June 29, 2012

Preventing Lost Tickets with On-person Identification Wristbands

When you are looking forward to an event, such as a live concert, group tour of a city, after race party, or whatever the event may be, nothing is more disheartening than losing a ticket. It’s easy to do. Ticket stubs can blow away with a gust of wind. You might be able to get back into the event—if you have the right paper work or credit card on hand. You might have to pay for another ticket and then wait to be reimbursed after the event when you are able to obtain proof of your purchase. Wrist tickets eliminate all that hassle. There is no worry about losing a wrist ticket because it is securely fastened to your wrist and it won’t come off without taking a pair of scissors to it.

In addition to preventing lost tickets, there are many other benefits to using Event Wristbands. At the top of the list is safety and security. Let’s say you go on a group outing—maybe it’s a group tour of the city art museum’s latest exhibit. You know one or two people in the group. Wrist tickets are highly beneficial to the tour organizer—and to you. There are some types of wrist tickets that come with pre-printed lines where you can use a permanent marker to write the contact information—most importantly, a cell phone number—of the tour organizer if you should somehow lose the rest of the group. You will be reunited with everyone in no time at all.
Wrist tickets are an effective tool to help prevent people from crashing events. No wrist ticket, no entry. Wrist tickets are non-transferable and it’s advised that a staff member fasten wrist tickets onto guests’ wrists upon their arrival. Doing so prevents guests from adjusting the size and making it too big to where they could slip it off easily to pass off to a pal—sneaking them inside.
Wrist tickets come in a wide variety of colors, styles and designs. Brighter colors make it easier for staff to spot guests and for non-guests to really stand out. Some determined “party crashers” may attempt to purchase generic wristbands at a party store or online, thinking they can sneak in. Even if they happen to get the right color, it is not likely the style or design will match. Another way to make wrist tickets even more unique is to imprint custom designs, logos or taglines on them.
Wrist tickets can also serve as on-person identification when alcohol is served at an event. Wrist tickets can reflect whether you are of legal drinking age or not. Upon entering a function, staff should check IDs of each guest. For those guests who are age 21 or over, a wrist ticket that is imprinted with “21+” or “Over 21” is fastened to their wrist. Any guest, who is under age 21, gets a wrist ticket of a different color and no imprint about age. Perhaps a fun design could be imprinted instead.
Using wrist tickets to distinguish those of legal drinkingfrom those under age makes the jobs of the entire staff easier—especially servers. It eliminates the need for staff to check identification every time a guest orders a drink. This saves time. People do not need to dig through their wallets each time they order a drink. As a result, concession lines move more quickly and efficiently. Guess what else? Profits increase. When people don’t have to wait long, they are more likely to go back for more. 

Back to the idea of imprinting custom designs, logos or taglines onto wrist tickets—this is a highly effective branding and marketing strategy. The cooler the design, logo or tagline, the more likely guests are to continue wearing the wrist ticket for days or weeks after the event is over. It is likely to catch the eyes of co-workers, family, friends and even strangers. Conversations about the logo and the event are sure to come up. Wrist tickets and Party Wristbands become a walking, talking advertisement!Other ways to promote with wrist tickets to imprint a website address or even a coupon. As an example, “Stop by! Show us your wrist ticket” Get $10 off when you spend $50.” Turning a wrist ticket into a coupon not only prevents people from losing their ticket, but may also find a sale.

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