Thursday, July 12, 2012

Organizing Fun Raffles and Door Prizes with Wristbands

Raffles and door prizes always add a bit ofexcitement to any event, whether it’s a charity fundraiser, company holidayparty, fair or carnival, anniversary celebration at bar or restaurant, orspecial promotion for a business, like a car dealership. Prizes serve as greatincentive for people to attend an event. Who doesn’t love to hear their namecalled and win a great prize?
Tabbed wristbands are an economical way tokeep raffle and door prize drawings organized. They also prevent the people whoenter from losing their tickets. There are no tickets to lose. When someonepurchases a raffle entry or enters a door prize drawing, they are given atabbed wristband. The tear-off tab has a number imprinted on it that matchesthe number imprinted on the wristband itself. The numbered tab is removed andentered into the drawing, while the tabbed wristband is securely fastenedaround the wrist. 

 Whether the event lasts an evening, like acharity fundraiser, or all day, like a local fair, people can just glance attheir wrist when a winning number is called. There’s no digging throughpockets, wallets and purses. No lost tickets.  No missing out on fabulous prizes.
Tabbed wristbands also come in multi-tabdesigns. This is beneficial when people want to purchase more than just oneraffle ticket. Why not increase the odds of winning a prize, right? For eachraffle ticket they purchase, a numbered tab is removed from their tabbedwristband and then placed into the drawing. All the matching numbers are imprintedon their tabbed wristband. You can get up to five tabs on a tabbed wristband.If someone wants to purchase more than five raffle tickets, they just getanother tabbed wristband. Easy!
Tabbed Tyvek Wristbands come ina wide variety of solid colors. Toadd more fun andflair, custom imprint logos, coupons, or quick response (QR) codes onto tabbedwristbands. Doing so enables you to further promote the brand or cause. Youwill make a strong impact with guests and participants by reinforcing yourbranding message.
Custom imprinting on tabbed wristbands is aneffective way to get raffle participants and guests who are eligible for doorprizes to take action. Imprint the charity or company logo, along with a QRcode that, when scanned with their Android or iPhone, takes people to theappropriate Facebook page where they can “like” the brand. When the number ontheir tabbed wristband is called as the winner, they can post what they won,who gave it to them, where they’re at, how much fun they’re having and howgreat the company is or what an incredible cause it is.
Another way to put tabbed wristbands to workfor you is by selling advertising space to sponsors. This strategy may helpcover the cost of the tabbed wristbands. In fact, you might even make a profit.Or, maybe you want to do an exchange. If a sponsor donates a prize worth Xamount of dollars to the raffle or door prize drawing they get to advertise onthe tabbed wristbands.
Sponsors can have their logo and a coupon orpromotion imprinted on the tabbed wristbands. It could be something as simpleas, “Come to our store, show us your wristband, get 20% off any purchase!” or “Showus this wristband, buy one item full price, get $20 off 2nd item.” Sponsorscanalso take advantage of QR codes with an invitation to follow them on Twitter orlike them on Facebook to get exclusive discounts.
Any way you cut it, custom imprinting ontabbed wristbands is strategic branding. It's like a walking, talking mini billboard.When people have a great time at an event, they are likely to hold onto thememory for a while. When that happens, as it often does, the tabbed wristbandwill stay on the guest’s wrist for a while. Especially, if it looks cool with agreat logo or useful coupon. Winning a prize would be an added bonus!
The fun colors of Tabbed party wristbands withcustom imprinting will catch the eyes of family, friends and acquaintances atwork, the grocery store, the gym, the hair salon, the mall and more. Curiositywill be struck. Questions will be asked. Whether they won a prize at the eventor not, guests will provide a positive testimonial of your brand and sponsors. Word-of-mouthadvertising is powerful.


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